Investment Banking101: A Career Choice

The main idea to discover in Investment Banking 101 is to define what investment banking really is. Simply put, an investment bank is a financial organization that guarantees government sectors and companies that issue securities such as bonds, stocks, and treasury bills. They also provide brokerage services and financial solutions or advisory services for various […]

Investment Banking 101: Types of Investment Banks

Investment banks help public and private companies and organizations raise funds in the debt and equity markets. These banks were originally created to raise capital and provide advice on corporate financial strategies such as acquisitions and mergers. Investment banks perform many different functions, such as: dealing with security matters, providing brokerage services for institutional and […]

Will Artificial Intelligence Spell The End Of Paper Receipts?

Surprisingly, many businesses still rely on manual printing, publishing and archiving of paper documents. In fact, the UK distributes 11.2 billion paper receipts worth £ 32million each year. Storing information on paper is inherently expensive and inefficient. The challenge of relieving organizations of administrative burdens such as handling paper documents goes hand in hand with […]

4 Areas Banking Can Improve In 2021

At the start of a new decade, the banking industry faces a turning point as digitization changes business models and processes in new and better ways. In 2021, banks will need to innovate and invest in cutting-edge technologies to stay in the market. It is no longer about gaining a competitive advantage. These are table […]