5 Things You Must Consider Before Joining An Affiliate Program

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Many of you already have a website, maybe a mailing list, and maybe even your own product. The question is, how can you use these resources to maximize your income and ideally put everything on autopilot?

Participating in the right affiliate programs and promoting them to your visitors can boost your income and add value to your readers.
There are a few things to consider when participating in an affiliate program

1. Are your readers or visitors interested?

Of course, when you have an Internet marketing website, promoting health products is not very good. However, if you promote products that complement your existing products and niches, you can create a nice little income generator. However, you might not want to promote products that are in direct competition with yours, although sometimes that’s a good thing, especially after you’ve exhausted the urge to buy your product with your list.

2. What do you pay?

Certain compensations must be made during payment. You may prefer a program that pays less but has a higher conversion rate than a program that does not convert very well but pays more fees. The other compensation is up sell. Is there a back end for the products you are selling and do you also receive a commission on those sales?

3. How often do you get paid?

Is it paid twice a month (like Clickbank)? Or do you pay less often? How do you handle returns and what guarantees do you offer? Do you have a minimum payment? All of these factors can influence your choice of program.

4. How do you get paid?

It may sound strange, but how does the program pay its partners? Are they paid by check, PayPal or direct deposit? Depending on where you are in the world, you may not be able to access Paypal. If this is the only payment method, you will have a hard time getting your commissions. If you’re paying by check and you’re not in the same country as the originating bank, the bank charges can be overwhelming, especially if you can’t set the payment tier. I have seen programs that pay $ 20 by check to someone in another country whose bank will charge them the equivalent of $ 35 to cash the check!

5. Is the product good value for money?

Some affiliate program managers add value to their programs to cover affiliate payments. For example, a product might normally have sold for $ 50, but to cover the 50% commission, they increase the price to $ 75 or more. It’s always useful to ask yourself if, if you were your potential customer, you would buy the product yourself.

And since I’ve always loved delivering, here’s an additional consideration:

6. If possible, evaluate the product yourself.

There are a lot of horror stories on the internet of people promoting an affiliate program only to find it was a scam, the software didn’t work, or the book was completely junk. Make sure you read ┬ábefore you start selling to make sure it brings quality and value to your list. Your reputation is the lifeblood of your online business and you need to watch it closely.

These six considerations will help you choose an affiliate program wisely and use your assets to increase your income. I hope you find it valuable?

Paul Ackerman

Paul Ackerman is a seasoned Investor. He spent his earlier years working at the NYE as a broker before starting his own firm in 2007. He has since gone on to teach and lecture in tons of universities around the world about finance, investments and money. He is the author of best-selling book "Investing in Character"

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