How I Recovered My Scammed Investment

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If you are reading this, you were probably scammed of your hard-earned money by fake crypto traders or investment sites like I was. I have been in your shoes and trust me I know how depressing this is.

A Little Backstory

I am a retired court administrator. I retired with some gratuity that I was looking to invest during the pandemic last year. In September 2020, my brother-in-law introduced me to buying and investing in a cryptocurrency investment platform (for legal reasons I won’t be naming the platform here. You will understand why soon). Given how much I now know about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I cannot believe I fell for such a silly scam. A simple google search would have saved me some stress and embarrassment.
Everything my Brother in law told me about this platform sounded like the investment opportunity I was on the lookout for and so the very next day I invested 5000$ from my retirement savings into the platform. I was told I would be guaranteed a 20% ROI on the 5000$ bitcoin I paid for after 3 months and 25% for subsequent months.
By Christmas, three months after my initial payment, I tried to collect some of my profit that was when I knew I had been scammed. At first, the platform promised to pay me in 5 working days, and then they kept shifting the payment date until February 2021, which was when I figured I may have been defrauded.

How I got my money back

After it became apparent that I had been scammed, I went through a series of different procedures to try and get my money back and I have listed them below:

1. Contact the owners of the fraudulent platform

The reason for this is to let them know you are committed to legally find a way to ensure they pay you back your money. Why is this important? Well, it’s a good threat and they might fold and return your money to you because they are scared of the feds or they’ll be like the guys that scammed me and call your bluff. In that case, you can try step 2

2. Report to relevant authorities

Immediately you suspect you have been scammed, it’s okay to report such a case to the relevant authorities like the police and even financial authorities. This will not only help your case, but it’ll prevent others from being scammed in such a manner

3. Hire an asset recovery expert

After I took all of the steps I listed above and none seemed to be forthcoming, I hired an Asset Recovery Expert named Global Asset Refund to help me with the recovery of my funds. They are an expert organization specializing in tracing and recovering all kinds of assets, including bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. They make use of cutting-edge Blockchain technology, a thorough process, and their many years of experience to effectively recover your money back. After many months of trying to recover my investment, going to the police, IRS, etc. they were finally able to help me get back 100% of my 5000$ in a few weeks.

As for the fraudulent investment platform, they have now been identified and taken down and I have initiated legal proceedings against them. I recommend making use of Global Asset Refund to trace and recover your money, investment, bitcoin, and other digital assets if you ever find yourself in this kind of dilemma.

Paul Ackerman

Paul Ackerman is a seasoned Investor. He spent his earlier years working at the NYE as a broker before starting his own firm in 2007. He has since gone on to teach and lecture in tons of universities around the world about finance, investments and money. He is the author of best-selling book "Investing in Character"

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